Routine foot treatments in Edinburgh

Routine foot treatments are preventative measures against more serious foot problems. At Trinity Podiatry, we carry out an extensive range of routine foot care treatments. To find out more, contact us. We serve clients across Edinburgh and the surrounding areas.

What to Expect at a Routine Foot Treatment

A routine treatment session usually lasts for ½ an hour. At the initial appointment the patient’s details, medical history, details of any medications and history of foot or leg problems are discussed. 

During a treatment, all your nails will be cut and thinned if they are thick, any excess callus (hard skin) is painlessly removed and a sanding disc may be used if the skin is very dry and flaky to give a smooth finish, then we finish with a cream to moisturise.

If there are any corns present, then these too are painlessly removed. A pressure-relieving pad may be applied to the foot if the area is sensitive. The most common site for a corn is the dorsum (top) of the lesser toes, especially the small toe.

It is possible that very small corns or hardened skin can be found at the sides of toes nails. The pain associated is often confused with that of an ingrown nail.

Although these conditions may differ, the treatments are similar. The offending pieces of skin/corn are gently removed, and packing may then be positioned at the side of the nail, leaving the area pain-free. 

Corns and callus build up as a result of too much friction, pressure or torsion on an area of skin. Callus formation is a mechanism used to protect the skin from these stresses. 

Unfortunately, continued skin stress and trauma leads to continued callus formation which, together with corns (which are localised, circumscribed deeper variations of callus) can become painful. 

We will also advise why you get hard skin, corns etc. and will offer preventative solutions. These solutions may include custom orthotic insoles, scheduling routine treatment, emollient advice, fungal skin & nail treatment, shoe advice, and sweaty feet treatments.