Skin Tag & Wart Removal

Skin lesion removal is carried out at Trinity Podiatry Clinic. The procedure is undertaken by a trained podiatrist. Podiatrists are well placed to remove benign skin growths with considerable expertise in liquid nitrogen & scalpel techniques. Podiatrists have extensive knowledge of skin conditions and wound care.

Podiatrists are able to diagnose many dermatological skin conditions and detect suspicious and cancerous moles using knowledge and a Dermatoscope. Unfortunately, not all podiatrists have extended scope of practice to remove benign upper body skin growths. 

Podiatrists do not mislead the public to claim they are dermatologists or doctors. Serious upper body skin conditions and growths are not treated. The aesthetic podiatrist will appropriately refer the patient in the right direction for these conditions. Only superficial skin growths like seborrheic keratosis, cutaneous warts, small sebaceous cysts and skin tags will be treated once deemed to be benign. Any growth suspected of being suspicious will not be treated.

Trinity Podiatry Treatment

At Trinity Podiatry Clinic, Jacqui Baggaley is our Podiatrist who undertakes minor skin lesion removals. She uses a variety of modalities to effectively perform minor skin surgery using cryotherapy with liquid nitrogen.  Jacqui does not charge expensive London clinic prices.  In her view having the right specialist skill set and equipment makes many treatments very easy.  It takes minutes to remove unsightly skin tags and warts and the face, legs and upper body. Time is spent ensuring each perspective patient has a thorough consultation. 

It is far safer to go to a trained medical practitioner like a podiatrist rather than a beauty therapist.  Always ask for what qualifications a treating individual has. Play safe.